Under 6 GP Card


We are accepting patients on the Under 6 scheme.  

Please be aware that this only entitles the patient to the GP consultation and does not include medications, prescriptions, etc.

Our routine clinic times for medical card patients is Monday – Friday from 9am until 5pm (last appointment is 4.30pm).  This is for patients registered with RocDoc only. Routine matters will not be dealt with outside of these times. Please do not be offended if we cannot offer an appointment and we ask that you contact us first to see appointment availability.

As a medical card patient we can only see patients registered with RocDoc for routine matters as part of this clinic in hours, very strict regulations apply for patients not registered with RocDoc and / or Out of Hours matters to be seen.

At time of making your appointment you should notify reception that the child is a medical card holder in order for the card to be validated online and we always suggest that you carry their GMS card with you or at least know the number.  We need to validate the details to ensure that the card is still valid and they are still registered with RocDoc. Should we be unable to validate the details then the adult attending may be liable to treatments as a private patient and RocDoc can not reimburse patients afterwards if we could not validate details and / or later qualify for a scheme.


No, not everything is covered under the medical card schemes.  Also, the following are not covered:



Driving licence medicals

Driving licence eye test

Passport / identity reports

Smear test

Travel vaccines

Blood tests (unless requested by the registered GP)

Health checks and associated tests

Laboratory courier charges

Medical reports / examinations for legal purposes

Employment /pre employment medicals

Fitness to partake in sports / school entry

Dressing / dressing changes

Private sick certs, school attendance notes, etc.

If you are registered with RocDoc you cannot be seen for a routine matter outside of our routine clinic times (Monday – Friday, 9am until 5pm) under the medical card schemes. This a HSE ruling.

A patient can only be seen outside of the routine clinic times under the medical card schemes if the matter is urgent / non routine and cannot be safety deferred until normal routine in hours clinic according to the HSE.  The matter must also require immediate attention and in the opinion of the treating medical practitioner would be injurious to the patients’ health to wait and must always be a face to face consultation. If the matter falls into these categories then the patient may be seen in our Out of Hours surgery which commences after the routine clinic until 9pm, Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and Good Friday.  Outside of these hours please contact Doctor on Duty on 01 453 9333.

If the child is not registered with RocDoc then according to the HSE you cannot be seen under the medical card schemes at RocDoc and must seek advice from the GP that they are registered with.

We cannot offer follow up appointments, reviews, repeat prescriptions, sick certs, dressing changes, etc. outside of the routine clinic hours.

RocDoc reserve the right to decline treatment under the medical card schemes should the matter be routine.

If they are not registered with RocDoc then they cannot be seen under the medical card schemes at RocDoc and must seek advice from the GP that they are registered with.

To register with the HSE for the Under 6 GP scheme please click here

For further information and how to register with RocDoc for the Under 6 scheme click here

To download the RocDoc patient registration form for ALL patients click here and bring to reception, after receiving the email from the HSE to contact us.  One form per patient.


Dear patient,

On 13 June 2022 Centric Health acquired ownership of RocDoc GP Ashbourne.

We would like to assure you that although the ownership has changed, the incredible team you have come to know will still be providing medical care to you and your family.

For more information, please contact us on AshbourneClinic@centrichealth.ie or call us on 0818 543 999.