Our Team

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Our team are made up of staff that are passionate about patient care and customer service. They understand that our patients are not just numbers and are real people that will present to us in different emotional states. What we find as a minor injury, others may find very stressful with elevated emotions.


Our Directors come from various backgrounds including ambulance, hospital, law enforcement and administration.  These backgrounds help us maintain a patient focused approach to health care so we can truly deliver an efficient service.

Our company structure has various committees, but the most important committee in our opinion is our clinical governance committee. This helps keep all our staff and patients safe and ensures our process are lean, current and to best practice.


Our Doctors are all very experienced within their fields and are well versed in pre hospital and have specialised to become a General Practitioner.  They have a vast amount of experience in both emergency medicine and primary care. The Doctors are supported by other Health Care Professionals such as Emergency Practitioners, Junior Doctors, Advanced Paramedics, Paramedics, Practice Nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians.

Allied Healthcare Professionals

Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP) is a relatively new concept within the UK.  ECPs generally come from three main areas being Paramedics, Nurses and Physiotherapists.  On top of their initial qualification they return to a recognised medical school (e.g. St George’s Medical School, London) whereby they undergo a two to three year training course consisting of various modules ranging from nature of physical assessment, clinical decision making, minor injuries, minor illness, mental health, geriatrics, paediatrics, pharmacology, etc.  After this training the medic will receive a diploma or a degree in autonomous care.

ECPs appear to have a similar diagnostic and treatment base as a junior Doctor. They can treat most respiratory, ears nose and throat, urinary and skin infections plus assess, clean, treat and re-treat the majority of minor to server wounds including gluing and suturing without Doctor / hospital referral.  They can also complete a full health check on patients.

An Advanced Paramedic (AP) is a highly trained medic accredited through the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) and traditionally work in an ambulance environment as with a Paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).  An AP can provide advanced life support in emergency situations and have a minimum of three years experience as a Paramedic.

A Paramedic can provide intermediate life support in emergency situations and train for over six months through theory, practical and supervised clinical practice placements prior to a one year internship before qualifying.  

An EMT can provide basic life support in emergency situations and their training consists of five weeks followed by clinical supervision prior to qualifying.

A Practice Nurse is accredited through the Nursing Midwifery Board of Ireland and their background can vary.  They can also provide intermediate life support in emergency situations with their training being 3-4 years at degree level consisting of theory, practical and internships.

Practice Support Staff

Our Practice Manager is an integral part of the Company and oversees the day to day management.  Our Infection Control staff ensure that the premises is always up to standard and undergo in house training regarding infection prevention, control and decontamination techniques.


Our reception staff have a variety of backgrounds but elements that are important to us is customer service and people skills.  We understand that they are the first and often the last person from RocDoc that you will meet so their role is very important to us.

Languages We Speak

At RocDoc, we can assist patients by providing personnel that can speak a vast array of languages as listed below.  If you wish to have a consultation with a Doctor that speaks one of the languages please ensure that you ask reception for this when booking your appointment and we will do our best to facilitate this.

All our staff undergo Garda Vetting to ensure compliance with our internal and external governance structure.