Childhood Immunisations


Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting babies and children against certain diseases and is free.  The risks from having these diseases are far greater than the risk of any minor effects from immunisation.

We provide childhood immunisations here at RocDoc and have scheduled days each month.  You will need to book an appointment and we often discuss this at the post birth visits (2 and 6 weeks) as it’s only a few weeks later before the first vaccination would be due.

We understand that it’s not pleasant but we feel that this is so very important.  We try to make the visit as stress free as we can and if you need time to ‘organise’ yourself then that’s fine!  We always book the next appointment before you leave and you should get a reminder call the night before.

The schedule of vaccines does change and depending on when the baby was born depends on what is given.  There is a lot of useful information on the HSE website so please click here –


When a baby is born they are given certain vaccines in hospital before they leave or at your local HSE clinic.  The hospital will be able to provide guidance on this for you.

At two months they get their first vaccine at your GP clinic and this is 3 injections and oral drops.  Their next one is at four months and this is 2 injections and oral drops. The next appointment is a six months and is 3 injections and then there is a six month gap with the last two appointments being at 12 months and 13 months.

For more detailed information please click here –

You can easily change your GP surgery.  You need to contact us to arrange an appointment and inform us that you are changing surgeries.  You will need to let us know which vaccine it will be so we can ensure that we have enough in stock.  The most important thing is that you remember to bring your child’s vaccination passport with you as if this is forgotten we cannot undertake the vaccines.  We will take a copy of what has already been given by the previous surgery.

The only reason your baby couldn’t get their vaccines given was if they had a high temperature.  If you are unsure then please still attend and we can take their temperature and advise you.

You need to ensure that you have registered your child to get their vaccines ASAP after they are born.  You will need their PPS number on your first visit also along with your own.

If you miss an appointment it is important that you get an appointment booked for the next available scheduled clinic and keep this appointment.  Your schedule will then change from there. You can always go over on the date but not earlier. The MMR can only be given at 12 months or over.

The immunisations will still work if they are given at any age so long as the time periods between them are kept.  If an injection is missed the course does not have to be started again as a general rule.


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