Health Checks


The aim of health checks is to try and catch an illness or irregularities in your body before they become life affecting. An example of this is cholesterol. We have worked with many of our health check patients that had raised cholesterol previously and to date we have not needed them to take medication as they got their cholesterol back down by following our advice.

Why get a health check?

  • Prevention is better than cure….
  • Peace of mind
  • A sense of wellbeing
  • Identify illness
  • Overview of lifestyle
  • Summary of your risk factors
  • Health insurance request
  • Employer request

What Our 56 point Advanced Health Check covers

  • Medical History review
  • Hereditary medical examination
  • Current complaint examination
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Body mass Index (BMI)
  • Ear examination
  • Throat examination
  • SpO2 (amount of oxygen in blood)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Peak flow (lung capacity)
  • Respiratory (lung) examination
  • Pulse rate
  • Heart examination
  • Carotid artery examination
  • Peripheral circulation check
  • Resting ECG (cardiac tracing of the heart)
  • Bowel habit check
  • Abdominal examination
  • Hernia check (pronounced only)
  • Testicular check
  • Breast check
  • Urine examination (7 checks)
  • Health Promotion advice
  • Exercise analysis
  • Alcohol analysis
  • Smoking cessation advice (where applicable)

to include Cholesterol, Diabetes, Prostate, Thyroid function, Kidney function, Liver function, Bone and haematology

  • Cholesterol blood test
  • Triglyceride blood test
  • HDL cholesterol check
  • LDL cholesterol check
  • Glucose (Diabetic) check
  • Prostate (PSA) test
  • Urea – Kidney Function blood test
  • Sodium – Kidney Function blood test
  • Potassium- Kidney Function blood test
  • Creatinine – Kidney Function blood test
  • Total Bilirubin – Liver Function Blood test
  • ALT – Liver Function Blood test
  • ALK Phosphate – Liver Function Blood test
  • yGT – Liver Function Blood test
  • Protein – Liver Function Blood test
  • Albumin – Liver Function Blood test
  • Calcium – Bone Function blood test
  • Inorganic Phosphate – Blood function test
  • Free T4 Thyroid function test
  • TSH- Thyroid function test
  • White Blood cells – Haematology Blood test
  • Red Blood Cells – Haematology Blood test
  • Haemoglobin – Haematology Blood test
  • PCV – Haematology Blood test
  • MCV – Haematology Blood test
  • MCH- Haematology Blood test
  • MCHC- Haematology Blood test
  • RDW – Haematology Blood test
  • Platelets – Haematology Blood test


The health check will be carried out by either a Doctor or an Emergency Care Practitioner and also a Nurse / Medic who will undertake part of the examination (a chaperone may also be present).   We require you first book an appointment for the full screening for a blood test, this should ideally be about a week before the second appointment.  The second appointment is for the main health check will take about 45 minutes and includes a discussion of your blood results.  You can either book both appointments together or the second appointment at the time of your bloods appointment – payment will be required in full either at booking or at your bloods appointment.

Some insurance companies offer discounts / cash back if you have health checks – please speak directly to your own provider.

Health checks /screening may be eligible for tax relief by submitting a Med 1 form to the revenue.


Dear patient,

On 13 June 2022 Centric Health acquired ownership of RocDoc GP Ashbourne.

We would like to assure you that although the ownership has changed, the incredible team you have come to know will still be providing medical care to you and your family.

For more information, please contact us on or call us on 0818 543 999.